The People I know

Here are pictures, descriptions, and links relating to people I know and groups I have been associated with.  If you don't see your self here, it's not because I don't claim to know you, but because you haven't given me the picture yet.  Send it right away, with any suggestions for what you may or may not want written about you.
Jeremy P. Almond He might be a nut, but he has the best-kept teeth I've ever known.
Richard Frankland Kennard Rich is going to be a doctor. He and I were the only two students in a neuroscience class we took together at Weber State University from Dr. Wurst. And worked together for a while, too.
Thomas L. Packer I'm the guy responsible for this mess of a web site.
Megan G. Packer This is the wife of the guy responsible for this mess of a web site.
Fei Jiang "Fei Jiang, from Mainland China (with a big cheesy grin)", is how he would always introduce himself to people, at the time I met him at the Ogden LDS Institute of Religion several years ago. But Fei is probably the most American (or Americanized) Chinaman I have ever met.
Benjamin Oman He may be "wired", but he's one of my favourite young prodigy friends.
Benjamin G. Rimmasch Ben Mishmash, as I call him now, is one of my favourite cousins. He was like a brother to me for a year while I lived with him and his family. At the time, we both liked composing music on the piano. Now we both like making web pages and playing computer games. Which reminds me: he's quite similar to my friend Ben Oman in more ways that just his first name. They both like putting together computers, they both like Linux and web page scripting languages and setting up servers and playing various computer games, and they both are very good musicians.
Kats Rogo I met Kats in the TA cubicles where he practically lives -- and has lived there since before he actually became a TA. Most Americans think that Kats talks with a British accent, but he's actually from Kenya -- although he did live in the UK for a time. He's an encyclopedia of pop culture and one of the funniest guys I've ever met.
John Christian Packer This is our cute little peanut at 9 weeks.
Laura Packer My one sibling who also has red hair. Though my hair has gone from dark to light red, hers has gone the other way. She is the first of my family members to jump on my band wagon and make a web site using my server.
Mark Andrew Packer One of my brothers who likes to write and draw ... kind of like me ... kind of.
The OM Group Hoping to Unify All Knowledge.
Thoughtform Thoughtform Corporation, NeuroInsight LLC, Seismic Insight LLC, and Whatever Other Little Companies They May Have Added Since My Days There Ended.

Thomas L. Packer

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